We will be offering a diverse set of workshops throughout the festival weekend. Our workshops are hosted by instructors who share a passion for their craft, and the desire to spread their knowledge. Come and participate, be a part of what makes Alweezgrooven so special.
Workshops planned for 2017 include:

If you have something you wish to teach, or want to organize your own workshop, please contact Jennifer Olivia Love. This is done on a volunteer basis and we are looking for people who have a passion they can’t wait to share.

Glass Blowing

Exhibition & Workshop

Instructor: O domt
Affiliation: Island City Glass
Participants: Open to adults 18+

New blood in glass culture, Boback has been melting for a year now with the mentoring of a few masters in the trade. He continues to move forward and bring new techniques to his drawing table. Ranging from pendants to functional everyone can find a piece of glass that peaks their interest.

The Island City Glass team has a combined 15 years of glassblowing experience, and we look forward to seeing what magical creations that they design for us.

Hatha Yoga

Instructor: Yusuke Hoshi
Participants: Beginner Hatha yoga call open to all

Beginner Hatha Yoga. Yusuke love’s traditional style from Asia, But, He willbe doing a mix of Yoga from HIS 10 years experience. Class will do Chant’s (Sing traditional song), Meditation, Asana(Posture). If you are no experience. No problem It will be not battle, mainly easy posture we can spend slowly & Good time.
Have a Grooven day

Guided Meditation

Instructor: Shawn Orange
Participants: Open to all

This guided meditation is to help you release negative energy and to increase positive energy and thoughts.

Guided meditation is a process by which one or more participants meditate in response to the guidance by Shawn Orange, sound, music, verbal instruction will lead you on the way.


Instructor: Kieran
Participants: Open to all

Kieran started spinning poi five summers ago, and has found near endless fun its pursuit. Starting originally with basically tennis balls in socks, his progression eventually led him through LED pairs to starting to specialize with the use of fire. It has only been roughly a year that he has been spinning staff, yet a lot of the motions and circular function of poi can be transferred easily to the use of staff. He happily shares his passion for flow arts whenever he gets a chance through performing, but is looking forward to the chance to help others get into the art of poi and staff spinning through the workshops he`s offering at Alweezgrooven summer of 2017.


Instructor: Kieran
Participants: Open to all

Hula Hoop Creation

Instructor: Julie Gautier
Affiliation: Festival Flea
Participants: Open to all
Learn & make your own Hula hoop from scratch! All materials will be supplied. Preregistration is required. Fee is $15 to cover all materials required to create your own hula hoop!

Naughty Knots

An Introduction to Bondage

Instructor: Rope Bunny Skylar
Participants: Open to adults 18+

Come join Rope Bunny Skylar for an introduction to consensual bondage involving the use of rope to restrict movement, wrap, suspend, decorate, and restrain a person as well as an introduction to BDSM. Don’t forget to bring a partner as you will be bound to want to practice. Bondage rope will be supplied for this workshop.

Sensual Touch

Instructor: Caroi LaRousse QuiEst Douce
Participants: Open to all

In our era, touch has very little place, it is often associated to seduction and sexuality. However, touch is a very important sense! Even before we learn to talk, we communicate by touch. An example is a mother with her child. We lost the knowledge of how to touch, and even more how to touch with calmness, gentleness, and sensuality. Touch can help someone that is sick or in distress to be calmer and more at ease.

In this workshop, we will discover this sense through two parts :
1) touching with hands and 2) touching with tools that we can use.

This workshop is open to everyone (women, men and children) and you do not need to be accompanied. The exercises are done on oneself or with another consenting person. You just need to bring your smile and body!

In the part “touching with hands”, we will see some basic massage techniques, how to play in different types of hair and which products to use on the skin. In the part of “Tools”, I will demonstrate numerous objects that can be used on skin and hair.

Arts & Crafts Time

Instructor: Caroi LaRousse QuiEst Douce
Participants: Open to all

Feeling creative want to make a special something to remember your time here at this beautiful event. Take the time to come by and let your creative juices flow!

Nature of Oneness

Instructor: Julia Inglis
Participants: Open to all

Attaining a connection to Oneness is an ongoing and challenging process. It is a part of the growing pains of expanding consciousness. The journey to the state of Oneness can present you with feelings of loneliness, as you are awakening into your role and purpose. This workshop will guide us closer to a state of bliss through:

  • • Discussion on the nature of Oneness
  • • Healing exercise & ceremony
  • • Guided meditation to help open yourself to Oneness
  • • An expanding love for self, others, and humanity


Instructor: Yusuke Hoshi
Participants: Open to all

Didgeridoo Percussion Music. We will practice many way’s of Sounds, Tone, Rhythm, History, and World Percussion.

Volunteer & Take Part!

If you have something you wish to teach, or want to organize your own workshop, please contact Jennifer Olivia Love. Nothing is too big and nothing is too small! This is done on a volunteer basis and we are looking for people who have a passion they can’t wait to share.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop, please message Jennifer directly, or the Alweezgrooven Organization through our contact page.