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Alweez Psy Stage


Beirut, Lebanon
Sangoma Records / TimeCode Records

His moniker defines the transformation of an organism from a simple to a complex structure. His story embodies the definition fittingly. Psychogenesis’ growth as a psychedelic trance artist has been charted out over many hardworking years.
After attending his first psychedelic trance festival in Turkey, his transformed mindset desired to bring the culture to his home country, Lebanon. This led to the creation of ‘Psyleb’, (The Lebanese Psychedelic Family) a community that has pioneered the Psytrance culture in the region. From ‘Psysessions’, It has grown to ‘Forest Frequencies’, an outdoor festival that has caught global eyeballs and has now been running successfully since 2008.

Rabih started out his musical career in India itself, the birthplace of Goa Trance. After studying Audio Engineering at SAE India, he started to build a name and a following at the local party scene in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and the Mekka of Psytrance, Goa. He then moved on to bigger gigs and international recognition. His most recent move was to Montreal, but his heart lies in Lebanon, where he is widely regarded as a pillar of the Psychedelic music scene.
Psychogenesis has hosted and performed in parties all over the world, alongside names like:” Ajja, Tristan, Talamasca, Highko, Yab Yum, Aphid Moon, Laughing Buddha, E-Clip, U-recken, Zen Mechanics, Arjuna, EVP, CPU, Neuromotor, Daksinamurti, Brainwash, Tryambaka, B-Psycho, Nomad 25, Twisted kala and many others…

” Rabih believes in the ‘moment’ and his playing style compliments the moment. He finds shelter in the darkness, and has made peace with the monsters of the night… High Energy Twilight & Night full on Psytrance, Deep Basslines, Intense Leads, Twisted Synths, Rich Buildups, & Crazy Drops.

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Dr. Strangefunk

a.k.a David Maynard Dion from St-Jérôme, Canada has always been in touch with music, as he grew up in a recording studio. He first started as a drummer in various funk/rock bands but discovered electronic music in 2009 at Éclipse Summer Electronic Music Festival. The basics of music production were starting to sink in but it opened a whole new world and perception of what music could be. His goal is to try to make music that is both accessible to everyone and psychedelic, which results in a blend of live instruments, funky grooves and most of the times joyful but he also explores the depths of the night sometimes, as they are that which forge the morning that comes next.
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Ottawa – live PA set!
Ritual Nights


Badder vs Neil
Montreal – special versus dj set!
Studio Sundari / Psyllabus

Floydian Sound

-[Montreal, QC]
(Transition Production)
Progressive Psytrance, Psychedelic Dub

With 7 years experience as a sound engineer and acoustics fanatic, and 2 years of experience as a DJ, Floydian Sound has developed an acute taste for progressive, psychedelic and lyrical music.
His affinity with music has began in 2002 while taking classical music and guitar course at school, and further developed his skills in 2012 with sound engineering and event production while attending a advanced technical course. He since acquired a Collegial Diploma in Technical Event conception and organisation.

With a total of 5 events produced: (trio of events Nuit Cosmique + Psychedelic Liberation and Continuum), always with a strong conceptual flavour, he has made his reputation of delivering a forged and perfected product, in every aspect he is mandated to execute, being as vast as Music reproduction, Event Production, Audio Engineering, Complex multimedia installation and DJing.

He has been working in the last 3 years as a sound engineer and event conception for major events in Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau, Sherbrooke.

Also, he worked as a stage technician and/or consultant for other events like Festival d”ete de Quebec, Cirque du Soleil, Festival de Blues, Eclipse, Space Gathering, Saint-Jean BASStiste, Mind over Matter, Black Light, Infexious, and many more corporate or cultural events.