Art Exhibits

Psy Forest

Artists: Alweegrooven Crew
Media: UV Reactive & Phosphorescent materials

This area is very a special exhibit native to the event, a constantly evolving challenge overseen by Shawn Orange & Mistress Mayliza, that manifests new elements each year. All art is fabricated by fellow Groovers. This year’s theme will be MUSHROOMS. So take a three minute walk up the trail, and come join us on a visual experience you won’t soon forget.

We invite any others to add to the forest. It is UV and this year it will be very organic. If you have a major installation you would like to add, contact us, and we’ll help make it happen, If you have a small addition, Surprise us!!

Giant UV Jenga!

Artist: Tracy C.
Media: Wood / Interactive Installation

Constructed by Tracy C. for your gaming pleasure! How high can you stack’em? This Ultra Violet reactive Jenga kit is not for the faint-hearted! Same rules applay as normal Jenga, but be careful when they fall!

The Big Top!

Artists: The 40 Phrosty Phoques Burner Camp
Media: Preformance Art / Installation

Event Big Top!
Our gifting beach bar art grant is back by popular demand

Come all ye weary wanders, tricksters, contortionists, musicians and artisans. Join us in this central beach front oasis under our giant canopy. A place to relax and perform during the day, a communal bar and lounge by night!

(liquor donations and snack donations always welcome) And bring a reusable goblet Saturday afternoon for our famous Sangria party!

Glass Blowing Exhibition

Artists: Dave Beazy, Randy Bachman, Joe Wirth of Island City Glass
Media: Molten Glass

New blood in glass culture, Boback has been melting for a year now with the mentoring of a few masters in the trade. He continues to move forward and bring new techniques to his drawing table. Ranging from pendants to functional everyone can find a piece of glass that peaks their interest.

Dave will be accompanied by Randy Bachman and Joe Wirth. Combined together they have over 15 years of glassblowing experience and we look forward to seeing what magical creations that they design for us.


Artists: Karine Guyon & Joaquin Habacon
Media: Sound and Light Analog and digital mixed media

Karine & Joaquin’s, ‘Kaleidoscopy 3’ is an interactive installation combines traditional art (analog) which captured and processed through new media (interactive digital). Karine & Joaquin produce together generative art and design, usually site and thought specific. User performace installation crossed with experimental interaction design inclusive of sound, sight, light and space.

Karine Guyon Official
Joaquin Habacon Official

Take Part!

Intrested in doing an art installation at Alweezgrooven this year? Contact us with details of your art proposal, and we can offer you an art grant to get your project rolling!

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